Julie Moves On, Lynsey Moves Up, Kristin Moves In!

Founding member and mezzo-soprano of Marquee Five, Julie Reyburn, has decided to graciously leave the group in pursuit of her own solo performance and directing work. Marquee Five is sorry to see her depart, as she has contributed beautiful gravitas, warmth, and a strong dedication to storytelling and heart. Although she will no longer be a part of M5’s day-to-day journey, Julie may be a collaborator and guest of Marquee Five (and perhaps, vice-versa!) in the future.  All of Marquee Five’s members wish her well.

The fabulously talented Lynsey Buckelew (who previously stepped in for Sierra Rein and Julie as swing) has permanently taken over the mezzo-soprano part. Marquee Five is thus excited to announce the new female swing…Kristin Maloney! Read more about Kristin HERE

Swing Kristin Maloney