Workshop Threesome2

Marquee Five offers a concert/workshop package for educational organizations that allows student singers the opportunity to not only see the group on stage, but also participate in a class with the singers of Marquee Five, all of whom are experienced coaches in voice, acting, and ensemble singing.  Length of workshops vary depending on group size and focus requirements. Workshops are also available a la carte (with no concert). Please email Marquee Five for pricing and more information.


Adaptable for middle school, high school- or college-aged singers, this workshop focuses on diction, making cohesive and consistent sounds as one “voice,” awareness of balance between melody and supporting harmonies, and effective storytelling through song. Students are encouraged to work outside of their comfort zones and to help to create a safe environment where others do the same.

Students will be led through a vocal and physical warm-up, be divided into vocal parts, and learn a complex 4 or 5-part arrangement, either from Marquee Five’s repertoire, or from the musical theater canon. Once students are familiar with the piece, small groups will have the opportunity to perform for the class and receive constructive feedback from instructors and classmates. Time allowing, the workshop concludes with a Q&A session in which students get insight into instructors’ experiences with performance and show business.



Designed for students in middle school, high school, or college, this workshop is a “master class” environment, offering singers the opportunity to learn through observation as well as individual coaching on short solo pieces with a focus on emotional connection.

Students must arrive prepared with a memorized 16-32-bar cut of a song, to be sung with piano accompaniment. After a group warm-up including a review of fundamental vocal technique, individual students perform their pieces in front of the group and receive constructive feedback and direction to encourage an honest connection to the lyrics of the song. Time allowing, the workshop concludes with a Q&A session with the teaching artists of Marquee Five.